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Friday, March 23, 2012

Musical Star Garland

I saw this idea at First Friday ( in an artist studio. The artist of this studio created some majorly detailed watercolor necklaces made out of shrinky dink which were very neat. (remember this stuff- we use to use it when we were kids!) Plus she had many other intricate and unique ideas. Even her business cards were unique. She calls her studio "Handworks" and her name is Debora Bartlett.

While there I saw this neat type of garland that was stars on twine or rope covered with musical notes. Deborah said she didn't make it and that it's something she wouldn't even attempt which I thought was crazy since her work was very intricate and required much patience.

So I set off to create my own musical star garland. Of course I used mostly materials I had around or that have been recycled. I used old filing charts and cut stars out of them. Glued two stars together. Then took my book of vintage music sheets and ripped them into small pieces and modge podged them all over each star until both sides and all spaces were covered. (warning: this does take time and patience). Once done (I created 9 or 10 stars for one garland) I modge podged two coats over both sides of the stars, waited a day and then put a coat of polyurethane over both sides of each. I found this wreath twine at Craft Bits and Pieces ( for .50 cents!!!! Crazy! I had more than enough to make one garland. I also picked up some very old twine at an estate sale for .25 cents that I can use for future garlands. I used a nail punch (a tool you use to push in nails from showing- you hit the punch with a hammer and it pushes the nail into the wood) and hammered holes into the tops of each star, put the stars through the twine and knotted on each side of the star so that it wouldn't slide around.

This project turned out very well. It took some time but was very inexpensive, looks neat and is pretty sturdy.

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