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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Creative Necklace Hanger

I saw a picture originally on pinterest then on reddit crafts but now when I want to give the person credit for giving me an idea I can't find it. Anyway- it was a painting on canvas with nails across the top part of the frame and necklaces hanging off of the nails. I decided I wanted to create something to hang my necklaces on. Using that concept I created the necklace holder you see posted here.

I reused a 12x12" canvas that already had an image on it. I took tissue paper and old music sheets and layered and layered and layered some more. I used a copper embossing powder and bird stamp (however this didn't work out as planned) so I used more tissue paper and more music sheets and layered some more leaving just a hint of the copper embossing showing. Then I became bored with the piece but my friends Leslie and Cindi encouraged me to keep going. Leslie played around with bottle caps, copper leaves and the giant metal spiral you see on the necklace holder. I was going to use them but something just seemed off.

I came up with the final touches while trying to go to bed last night. I took a blueish paint and with a watered down paper towel I added some blue to the canvas. Then I found an old children's book and ripped out a page about "time" and created the base for some birdies. I used parts of old knobs that I wasn't using and had laying around and epoxied them along the top and then put old nails in the middle to hang the necklaces. I used the spiral wire and screwed it on by the sides of the canvas into the wood frame. I'm really excited at the outcome. I don't have a ton of jewelry but thought if I needed to down the road I can add some more nails along the bottom or hooks from the bottom wood edge of the canvas.

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