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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh the things I can think UP

When I purchased our new living set (of off craigslist of course), it came with an ottoman. I replaced our traditional coffee table with the ottoman but then had to think of a way to have a place to put stuff on like drinks, plates, etc... So this is what I came up.

I found a shadow box about 16x16 at Michael's Craft store and took some old fashion tiles (left over from our bathroom renovations) to make this impromptu tray. I painted the tray first then used tile adhesive to adhere the tiles down and when dry I grouted. Looks good, it's useful and the entire project using left over materials cost about 10 bucks.

**super secret shopping tip for thrifty shoppers: go to and print out a coupon (every week you can print a new one for 40% one item). You can use this coupon not only at AC Moore but Michael's Craft Store. They kind of give you a dirty look when you use it but they have to accept it. Great way to save money on the more expensive items.

1 comment:

  1. That's perfect! Practical and creative. I want to have your babies!