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Monday, April 4, 2011

Back to the Basics

It's been a stressful work year. Lots of changes, transitions and adjustments- get the drift.

Even though I'm an art therapist, finding time to create has always been a struggle. Instead of feeling the urge to create like some therapist do after a long day of listening to others, I'm just lucky to get some exercising in, clean up after dinner, shower, and relax reading a good book or watching the entire 5 seasons of Angel. You could say my motivation to create artwork has been stilted by a total lack of energy and creative juices, yet I know that if I forced myself to create I'd really enjoy myself and feel rejuvenated.

Over spring recess and inspired my friend and fellow art therapist who get's together 1x a week with another art therapist to simply test out new art materials and create, I embarked on an adventure to create. I'm also making it my mission to put forth the effort even when I don't feel like it to create.

I will post my creation outcomes in order of creations. I will state from the beginning that I don't consider myself as an artist at all. For me my relationship with art as moved beyond technical to learning to simply enjoy just experimenting and creating- therefore Back to the Basics.

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