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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pottery Christmas Gifts and More...

I went back to Madd Platter in early Nov. to create a travel mug for my dad for Christmas. His mug turned out really well. I tried to make it about nature and animals since. I got to practice with foreground, middle ground and background which went well. I just hope the main color was manly enough so that he will use it. While making it I saw the "horny mug" on the shelf and thought of my friend Libby. :) This was perhaps one of the most difficult paint jobs due to the fact I decided to use stripes.  I use painters tape but it still left uneven lines with white spaces in between the stripes.  It was challenging to do 3 coats of each color while not hitting the others. It took forever but the results was pretty good.  My niece and nephew loved the mug.  Of course I wouldn't let them read the inspection on the bottom nor will I show you the viewer. It's a private comment between my friend and I. :)

I continued to think of gifts I could make and saw the ornaments.  I knew on my trip back home to Western NY for Thanksgiving I was going to see a couple ofmy Naz peeps and wanted to give them a little something. So I created these ornaments. I later designed an inspirational notepad with one of my images on it for another Naz peep who was in ned of some inspiration. I made that through York photo where I made my Christmas Cards this year.  I them realized I had to get a gift for one of the referral sites I work with at my new job for stupid gift exchange they do each year. I went back on York photo with a 40% coupon and used my images and created some designs and had a mug made for around $11.

I forgot to take a pic of the ornaments after they were fired and I gave them away this weekend.

work gift.

dad's travel mug

the horny mug!!

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