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Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Madd Platter

I was excited to find a cool pottery painting place soon upon my arrival in my new city.  Since pretty much none of my belongings were here and I needed to create I asked around and was told of the Madd Platter; I went after work one day and checked it out.

I fell in love almost immediately. There was only a few people there which made for nice 1on 1 assistance. There was a ton of pieces to choose from to create and a lot more techniques then I was shown in the pottery place in Rochester. I was taught this new technique of silk screen printing on the piece which I loved! It was pretty easy and made for a professional looking piece.

I focused on making a traveling mug for my friend (now boyfriend) who was coming to visit. He is a pilot so I created a piece that was all about traveling and flying and gave it a vintage feel.  If you silk print with a darker color you can then water down a glazes and paint over the print giving it a water color/vintage look to it.  Below you will see the rough draft of the piece. I swear I took finished project pics but can't find them!!! Trust me it turned out awesome and he loved it!

The pen burns off and wasn't seen in the final product.

I ended up signing up to go back for my birthday which was this past week. They were having a breast cancer fundraiser. I showed my sister pics and how easy it was to create and she agreed to come with me and try something new.  At the fundraiser there was food and drinks and raffle prizes. My sister won some SC hot sauce.  I think she had a good time and it was a great night out for me.  I created another travel mug and used the silk prints again. I think I could make a mug for everyone I know I have so many ideas!  I may have to make this a monthly place to go!

Here's the finished products:

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