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Sunday, September 6, 2015

So here's my story...

The past year has been an insane one for me.  It's been a bit of a roller coaster to say the least. I'll try to give you the brief version...

I decided a while ago that I was reaching a point in my life where I needed and wanted a change.  I enjoyed my job, all of the perks that came along with it and many of the people I worked with.  However, there were some administrative changes that I didn't agree with and didn't care for the way I was being treated by my direct management.  I think sometimes we can stay in a negative environment or we can do the brave thing which is say we deserve better, take a leap of faith and search out something different.

So that is what I did.  There was a lot of difficult decisions for me to make. I loved my home, my neighborhood, my neighbors, my friends and having my family not to far away. I loved Rochester and all of the art connection I had made. I loved the running groups and lots of race choices I had.  However; I strongly disliked the cold, winter and grey that lasted 6 months a year. That kept me inside, freezing and miserable. I disliked not being closer to my niece and nephew and being  part of watching them grow up on a more regular basis. I resented being a single homeowner and having to spend my free time and money fixing things left and right.  I wanted warm weather, to be a good Aunt, and to try something new.

This wasn't a decision that I made overnight. It took a couple of years and was a big process. This past year was all of the major steps though.  I finished up my 2nd Master's while doing an internship while working full time. I taught two classes on top of working. I didn't get to workout as much as I wanted to but I did do some fun races with great friends.  Most of all I spent every second I could scrape up spending time with family, friends and neighbors. I had a lot of fun and much support along the way.

I put my house on the market early March and sold it in a week. While finishing my Master's and working I also packed up my house, gave belongings away, and sold 83% of my belongings/furniture on craigslist.  I closed on my house right after graduating and ending work for the academic year and then spent the next 4 months traveling and interviewing.

I went to Thailand, New Mexico, SC, and presented at the national AATA conference in Minnesota. I interviewed, sent out resumes and interviewed some more. I got a couple of offers, neither perfect but one was a positive start and good change.  I loaded up my car and drove the 13 hours to Columbia, SC and started my new job.

Finding a place to live proved a little more difficult than I thought and there ended up being a bit of a wait. In 5 days after 5 month so staying on generous family and friends sofas, floors, and spare beds I will finally be in my own place again. I've downsized but am happy about it. Most people know I like my home to feel like home but I also believe in getting out of your home and living life. I'm excited to put all of my new home purchases together but am also excited to continue to get out and explore Columbia and the surrounding cities.

The new job has been a change the weather has been a change but most of I miss my family and friends. I have such amazing family and friends it will take time to find and build new relationships. In the coming blog entries you will get to experience Columbia through my eyes and what it's like to move to a new city and start all over again. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you all.


  1. You ROC Casey! We'll be cheering for you up here in the snow :-). Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures and seeing you on Facebook!

  2. Thanks a ton for all of your support. I miss you all!