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Saturday, August 29, 2015

T-shirt Quilt

Also created within a couple of days at the end of July was this t-shirt quilt.  I had a bag full of 
t-shirts that I had received well working at the college.  Most I wore to events but then never again cause even if they were smalls they were huge. I was spending some time with my grandma and while we caught up on life I worked on creating a quilt out of the t-shirts.  

I always hate working with t-shirts because they are very stretchy and make sewing a pain. I did my best cutting out the designs and then sewing them together.  If I was making a true Naz quilt I would have waited and purchased purple fabric with yellow in it or did a purple and yellow striped back but I wanted something I could finish now so I used some fabric I had purchased a long time ago at Craft Bits and Pieces and completed the quilt. Not to shabby for a couple of days worth of work.

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