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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter Festivities & Postcard Update

So Friday night my mom and friends (Marcy, Amanda and Vi) all went to First Friday's as it was open later and had more than usual festivities going on as it was also their holiday bazaar.  We had a great time going to Anderson Alley and The Hungerford.  I think most of us found at least one unique thing to purchase. :)

Here's what my mom and I and neighbor Bob and his daughter (my friend) Stephanie went to last weekend:

It's A Wonderful Life In The South Wedge Holiday Festival & Parade 

When: Sat., Dec. 6, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. 2014
The Annual "It's A Wonderful Life" Holiday Festival returns.Come down and get local with great specials in all local businesses plus all sorts of seasonal fun in Star Alley Park (next to Lux Bar), Kid's holiday crafts and games, visits with Santa, carriage rides, caroling with Resonanz (Rochester Oratorio Society), a concert and parade with The Buddhahood, food trucks, a movie tent, food & clothing drive, and Christmas Tree and wreath sales!
We started the day with the Wintercraft open house at Genesee Center fork the Arts They had different things you could make like print a card, make an ornament, get your picture taken, etc... after purchasing tickets for a $1 each. We made cards and had our picture taken. There was food of course and a craft sale.
Then we moved on to the South Wedge It's a Wonderful Life Festival. There was carriage rides, all of the unique electric shops we open (we bought some goodies), then visited Santa, all had pulled pork sandwiches at Beal Street and had a Carolers come in and sing while we were eating and then we came home and crashed. Oh wait, my mom and I hit up Savoia's Bakery and got some canoli's for breakfast Sunday!! Then crashed! (well I did).

Then we got our energy back and went to my friend Sarah's Holiday Choir Concert at a beautiful church.  They sing basically acapella and were amazing.

My mom and I got up Sunday morning and headed to La Tea Da for lunch. We've been trying to get there for a while now but it never worked out until today.  This is a neat little place set in an old beautiful house. Each room is crammed with a different theme and there are tons of hats that belonged to the owners sister.  They disinfect them daily and as guest you can wear a hat to enhance your tea parlor experience. Well of course my mother and I took this to a whole new level. Since we were one of the first customers of the day I felt safe enough to go on a hat modeling adventure. My mom was a little more reserved (aka grossed out and skeptical of the sanitary measures) but played along.  We ended up having a really good meal (homemade mac and cheese was awesome) and we both left there having had a great time without having any tea. Yes you read correctly...I had an amazing homemade hot chocolate and she had some coffee.

I have received a couple more of the postcards from the final community swap through the Art + Happiness Project.
Here they are:

                This one is my fav. The colors didn't show up good from my craptastic phone camera but it is simple yet sweet.

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