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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Arm Knitting for Beginners

During the winter fun festivities last weekend while at the Genesee Center for Arts my mom and I saw these beautiful scarves and talked with the woman who made them.  She wasn't much of a salesperson because she told us we could make them and gave us the information where she buys her yarn online, what type of yarn it is and that we can go on YouTube to learn how to arm knit.   So that is what I (we) did.

My mom and I got home that night and went online to Fabulous Yarn; and ordered enough yarn to make 4 scarves.  We shipped the yarn to my sister's and decided when we are all down there visiting over Christmas us ladies will sit down one night and arm knit ourselves a beautiful scarf.

The next day my mom and I made a quick run to Michael's craft store and they had bulky yarn on sale 2 for $10 instead of $8 each. So I picked up a couple of skeins and a couple of nights later watched this YouTube video Arm Knitting for Beginners by Michaels Store and arm knitted a scarf in 40 minutes!!!

Overall not bad for a first attempt. Because the yarn was so bulky this only took 5 stitches. It also ended up curling around the edges almost making it look like a tube.  After wearing it all week I've decided the scarf is warm and beautiful but a bit bulky for my style, it will stretch and need to go in the wash/dryer and hopefully shrink some and it let's off fuzz especially on black.

Can't wait to make the scarves with my mom and sister. Should be interesting!! Stay tuned for that post.

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