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Monday, June 23, 2014

Connecting Through Art

Most recently I haven't had a lot of time to create (which has been a source of disspointment this summer).  What I have done is still try to connect through art activities with others.

Relating to earlier posts, I've participated in another global community swap utilizing inspirational hands. I started receiving some in the mail over the past week and have indeed found them inspirational. Especially at a time when I've felt so hectic and hurried all of the time. Viewing them gives me a moment to enjoy and reflect upont the messages sent to me.

Another ongoing project was a local fundraiser for the Rochester Contemporary Art Center. This is the 7th annual 6x6 fundraiser. It's become not only a local but global form of connecting through art. Each year I create and donate pieces for the fundraiser and purchase a piece.  I was excited to make it down to ROCO in person and choose my piece. I absolutely love the piece I chose. This year instead of waiting until mid-July when you pick up your piece to find out who the artist is, once you purchased the piece you received the information. Ironically, once again I chose a person not only from Rochester but who lives one street over from me.  I find this totally insane as each year this is over 5,000 pieces of artwork from 50 states and 26 countries and all 7 pieces I have chosen are from artist in Rochester and 3 of the pieces I've come from people that have lived within one of me.  What a small world it is!

Disappointing news is that in a earlier post I mentioned participating in the Global Peace Art Project Exchange. I created my piece in Jan/Feb and mailed out in April to my match which was in India. However, I never received anything from them or an email from them about my piece.  Recently I emailed the person (although I have no idea if they could read English) but haven't heard anything in response.  This is a big bummer as I was really excited to see what they created and feedback on my piece. I contacted the site and they may have someone that can exchange a piece with me but it's not the same.

I conduct art therapy groups with developmentally disabled children and adolescents and facilitated a group last night. For the art therapy session I found old pieces of wood from a barn, floor boards, recycled from house projects, and so and then had each resident paint a piece.  Once the pieces were dry the group worked together to create how they wanted to put each piece of wood together to create one large art piece.  They then experienced using a hammer and nails to adhere the pieces together (this was done with assistance and supervision).  I think most of their favorite part was the hammering and nailing of the pieces.  The end project was varnished and the group determined that they wanted to place the piece in one of the outside gardens they were creating. I forgot to take a picture of the final piece but here's a pic I found on the internet that was my inspiration for this group art therapy session.

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