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Monday, June 9, 2014

Catching Up

I've been lacking in keeping up with my blog over the past couple of weeks. Been a bit busy. So here's the skinny on what I've been up to.

1. I got to run the Corporate Challenge 2014! My professor surprising gave us the night off and although registration had closed one of my co-workers canceled out at the last moment so I was able to take her place. I ran as our 60 y/o nurse.  This event was pretty crazy. There was almost 11,000 people in the race. Our company didn't rent a tent or sponser food so my co-workers and I hauled a pop up tent and camping chairs over a mile and illegal found a spot to set it all up. Our team enjoyed the benefits of this; however we still had no food which was a slight bummer. Mostly because it was a long night and as you're rounding the last half mile you smell tons of bbq food from the other company tents so I was at least salvating.

Overall, I ran really well. It was wierd in that it wasn't a 5k but 3.5 miles. I came in first for females in my company and 2nd overall in my company. I ranked 81st of about 5,500 females overall in the race and 627 out of almost 11,000 total runners.  I was very pleased with my results.

**Next up on the race front-a Teachers 5K to support our city school district, then a 4th of July 5K with my friend and her family, followed by the Warrior Dash.

2.  I'm back into yoga (well a little). My friend and I went to Lulu Lemon on a Sunday morning as they have free yoga, pilates and zoomba classes.  We followed up with a run along beach path at Durrand Park and then laid out at beach. To round off our day we went to Cheese Masters and had an amazing grilled cheese sandwich ending with Yolishous for froyo for dessert. What a perfect day.


Work also is sponsering free yoga for faculty, students and staff every Wednesday so I went last week and am planning to go to as many as I can. We did yoga outside last week on the grass which was nice but had it's challenges, such as ants on my mat. ;(

3.  I went to my parents this past weekend to help celebrate my grandma's 85th birthday. We threw a surprise large family/friend birthday party for her. My mom asked me to make a sunflower banner to post up at the event. She always forgets how long this takes. I spent about 2.5 hours making it but it turned out well and I think my grandma appreciated. 

My mom outdid herself with making awesome centerpieces. She made up 16 sunflower centerpieces using canning jars, one fake sunflower, burlap and ribbon and finished them off with ordering real sunflowers and some time of neat filler that smelled good. My job was to put the flower arrangements together. I think I did pretty good.

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