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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Wrap Them In Love Project

I'm continuing on with my goal of at least one art creation donation project a month. I actually participated in two projects during September but the Dress A Girl project will be an ongoing monthly project.  This month was actually a goal I set to create four quilts for children by Thanksgiving. I finished before my goal date, but with my schedule being very hectic I had wanted to give myself plenty of time on this one. All in all it took me about a month to create the four quilts. I made a baby quilt, 2 children quilts and an older child/early teen quilt. I have to give props and credit to my co-workers Megan, Sandy and Emily who all donate a lunch break to help me cut the tiny squares for the baby blanket and to my mother who helped me layout the pattern for the baby blanket. This was a group effort!

These quilts will be donated to the Wrap Them In Love project;  Below is info. on their purpose and mission:

Wrap Them in Love Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt organization
created to help needy children of the world.
Our Mission is to collect donated quilts and distribute them to children around the world, so they can be wrapped in love and comfort. As we all know, a quilt is a very special thing. It isn't just a blanket; it has been lovingly created by a real person. A quilter leaves a part of themselves in every quilt they make. The child who receives it will be able to snuggle up in all the love that comes in that quilt.

I was able to purchase all of the material at Craft Bits and Pieces for a fraction of the cost it would have been at a large art store. That's why I LOVE CBP!  I estimate that I spent about $15-20 on the materials to create all four quilts. On the two children's quilt I embroidered on some off white plain squares to match the other quilt pieces. The main cost will most likely be the mailing of the quilts.  Below are pics of each quilt. Enjoy!

Children's Quilt

 Children's Quilt


                                                                 Baby Quilt

  Older Child/Young Teen Quilt


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