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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Friday Fling! Mud & Merlot

I finally made it to this Friday night mud and merlot workshop at Genesee Pottery;  There was wine and appetizers and you received a brief lesson on throwing on the wheel. I've been intimidated to throw on the wheel since an undergrad ceramics course where we were on the wheel for only an hour and it was tragic how untalented I was at it.

However my mom and I have enjoyed taking art classes when she visits so on this trip up we tried our hand at making pottery and we had a blast going to this workshop.  My mom flung her clay at people a few times and kept throwing her sponge all over but eventually she managed to make a couple of awesome bowls.  I was uber excited because on my first try I made a cool bowl. It then took me 3 more tries before I made another awesome bowl and they even let me make one more in which I was daring and tried quite a few of the techniques they taught me throughout the evening.  It's a pretty awesome workshop that'd I'd recommend to anyone. When you are done you pick out glazes for your pieces, the instructors will fire the pieces and glaze them for you and then you go back in a bout 2 weeks to pick up your pieces.   I would definitely try working on the wheel more in the future. Maybe mugs and a vase next time. :) Check out our adventure below.

This was my first attempt and it was successful!

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