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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Distressed Accent Table

Before Image

I was looking on craigslist for a small table to refinish and put in the bathroom at work to spruce things up a bit. I found this one for $20 but got it for $10. It was apparently part of the Eddie Bauer Home Collection. Unfortunately it had a glass shelf which I was afraid would be a problem for work as it may be seen as a liability (I'm a therapist). I decided I could always not use the glass shelf and fill in the holes.

Since it was for work I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I just recycled supplies left over from other projects. Here's where I found my inspiration: and it is the piece titled, "Rustic Painted End Table".

The stand was all white with some paint chipping off. I used paint stripper and took off the top paint to find wood (I think it was a wood veneer on top of fake wood, but it was in excellent condition). I left some white paint on the sides of the top for a more distressed look. I used a "jaco bean" wood stain color on the top of the stand and the side edge and applied layer after layer with a rag until I reached my desired look. Actually at first I was upset because the stain started to interact weirdly with the wood not leaving an even finish, but then I liked it because it looked more old and worn so I kept applying more finish.

Then I used the same "laughing eyes" blue from my art center and same technique (watered down acrylic paint and a rag to create the antique finish look). I sanded between coats on everything and at the beginning and then sanded down parts to expose the wood and white paint below for a continued distressed look.

In the end I decided I liked the glass shelf so I put it back on. Then I took an old replica glass knob that I have had for a while from another project, drilled a hole and put it on the front of the stand. It looks like a drawer but it's just decoration. I sealed the entire project twice with a clear satin finish. I liked it so much and wanted to keep the glass shelf that I decided to keep the stand. I showed my sister on Facetime and she asked to keep it so that is where this piece will find it's new home. This was a fun project that took about a total of 6 hours over 3 days to complete and cost $10 due to using all recycled materials.

Alas, my search continues for the right end table/stand for the work bathroom. Stay tuned...

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