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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Super Simple- Super Cute

I found the idea for this project at the following site; I thought it looked pretty neat and while I don't have a space for it in my home I thought perhaps it would be a fun interactive project that could be placed in the waiting room of the counseling office where I work.

All of the materials for this project were recycled from things I already had around my home. I had a 12x12 frame with a picture in it that I wasn't using and decided to tear it apart to reuse the frame. I used cotton string, added a little of thin glitter yarn and then decided to use metal clips versus small clothes pins (I had both but liked the metal clip look better). I used an industrial hand staple gun to hold the cotton yarn on and hot glued the glitter yarn around the staples. This was all done on the back of the frame. Added clips, cut some decorative scrap paper in different patterns and colors with the purpose of using them to have people add inspirational/motivational quotes to the board (perhaps when they are waiting in the waiting room)! ;) Including prep time the entire project was created in about 45 minutes.

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