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Monday, March 20, 2017

Twin Art

I got inspiration for this piece from the hotel room paintings when I did the Kiawah Half Marathon.  I loved the colors and random pattern in the paintings. There was two that were almost matching but not quite.

What I didn't realize was the time it would take to create these paintings. The circle pattern and the many layers of each color on each circle took an inordinate amount of time.  After completing one piece I posted it on Facebook and received a lot of positive feedback. One family friend stated it would go perfectly in her bedroom remodel. I told her it was one of two pieces and she said she was interested in them. I made the first before Christmas and then the holidays happened, so the second one didn't get made until about a week into the New Year.  Considering that I was stupid enough to have shipped the first one to her and so I had to match it by the pictures I took, I think it turned out pretty well.  She even sent me a check to help cover the material and shipping cost plus a few bucks extra. Woohoo!!!

In the end I found out through this person's mom on FB that her mom wanted the pictures even more for her front room and ended up stealing them from her daughter.  I must agree the room color is perfect to display the paintings! I love seeing my artwork actually hung/being displayed.

One in dark lighting.

The other in bright work lighting.

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