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Monday, March 20, 2017

Be a Super Hero & Get to the Green

Since the half marathons in Nov. and Dec. I slowed down on my running for a little bit and had some fun working out using other machines including walking outdoors, the elliptical, bike, and rowing machine.  I did my first race in Charleston, SC in mid-February. I conned my boyfriend into running the Super Hero race with me and spending the weekend in Charleston. Little did we know that it was a 5k trail race. This was only his second race and his first ever trail run. Ooo it was a little rough for him but he was a good sport. We went decked out as Spiderman and Wonder Woman!

Next up was the St. Patty's Get to the Green 10k in Columbia, SC.  I didn't sleep well the night before and woke with a sore throat but the weather was a perfect 50 degrees and cloudy and the rain held off until the race was done. I met a friend at the race and for the first time I got to test out my speed since I had been working hard at getting faster like I use to be.  My final time was pretty good- 57.22 for 6.2 miles. I placed 131/327 overall.  My pace time was just under 9 min. mile. Woohoo!

Next up is an all new race by Strictly Running of Columbia and is called the Daybreaker 10 mile.  I have a lot of running to do to get up to 10 miles in a couple of short weeks.

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