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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Team Building Through Art

About a year ago I mentioned to my director an idea for a team building exercise.  My director approached me about the idea a couple of months ago and we worked together to plan a team building day. We went to Art Stop; and chose a 4'x4' canvas that we had to work together on painting in three hours.  We were provided with some brief art lessons and then each sketched ideas.  I helped our team to combine different elements of are designs to create one collaborative piece.  We were then taught how to use a grid transfer to move our small design to a very large one.  We each took a part and went to town painting.

Most of my co-workers were surprised at how talented they were when it came to painting as they were anxious to take part at first.  We all worked really well together and the piece turned out awesome.  We are planning on hanging it in our office space once we paint a quote on it that we all agreed upon.  I painted the sunrise/sunset of the painting.

**I will add a pic when the final quote is added and the painting is hung in our office.

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