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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Creativity and Madness Scholarship Take 3

I received an email notification from the Creativity and Madness website that I follow that the Mary Lou Panter essay scholarship deadline has been extended until March 31st (  I received the email while I was on vacation in Costa Rica.  I saw this as a sign that I should try ONE more time for the scholarship as I would have already missed the deadline but now had time to enter it once I got back from vacation.  In addition, this is the first year that the foundation had more than usual funds so they are offering two scholarships!  I saw this as another sign.

So instead of doing my homework at the beginning of this week I spent time writing up my essay.  Of course I started this process while on the plane back vacation but I had a creeper seated next to me who was clearly starring and reading what I was writing. He even asked me "What does art mean to me?"  We ended up having a brief pleasant conversation about this topic but it was still an awkward encounter.  My sister looked over my essay for me and beefed it up. I sent it out via email yesterday. Now is the waiting game. Winners will be announced April 14th. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this being my third attempt at the scholarship means I will be successful in winning a spot.  Jeez they should at least take pity on me and let me win after three attempts!

**I'll keep you posted as to the results and winners.

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