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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Vintage Fried Marble Necklace

I kept seeing fried/oven baked marble necklaces on pinterest and thought it looked like a fun science experiment. While at my parents for the holidays I asked to confiscate some vintage marbles that were from my grandfather's collection and with some trepidation about blowing up glass marbles and harming myself I decided to give it a whirl. I couldn't find the oven baked marble recipe I had originally found on pinterest so I google searched and found a recipe for fried marbles. I would give the person credit but I lost the site.

The basic concept is to put marbles in a pan on the stove in between medium and high for about 10min. and continually roll them around with a wooden spoon. Have a container of water with ice in it ready to go and as soon as you are done frying the marbles dump them into the ice water. You will see them crackle immediately. I left the marbles in the water for about 1 min. to cool down.

To make the necklaces I went to a craft store and purchased "bead caps", put a wire loop through the bead cap, epoxied on the bead cap to the marble and then purchased a chain from the craft store. I made 3 necklaces for $10; one for my mom, one for my sister and one for me. Now we have wearable jewelry made from my grandfather's marble collection.

**This was a really neat science project. I have many left over crackled marbles waiting to be used. They look beautiful in the sun and are fairly durable for being cracked. I experimented by putting in a plastic bag and dropping it on my paved driveway. The marble didn't break until several very hard slams to the ground and then it did shatter.


  1. So im just wondering how I would get the bead caps to stay on the marble.. glue? A special glue? Im abit thick :p

    1. I use E6000 which can be found in any craft store. It's great to use on many different surfaces and has held up really well on this project. I have yet to have the marble fall off nor has my mom or sister. Cost about 5 dollars at Michael's so I used a coupon (and got lucky at a yard sale this past weekend and picked up half a tube for .25cents!). A little amount goes a long way so it last a long time.