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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Stolen Eggs

A friend and prior supervisor of mine sent me this link of a short animation her grandson made from a kit. He posted it on youtube and would like help in spreading the word so I mentioned posting it on my blog. It's pretty fun, interesting and impressive especially the stats it took him to create this short video. As far as I'm aware this is his first attempt at animation. Below is the information my friend sent me about the video.

He made the figures with clay. He then, to create movement, photographed them three times each time he moved them a small distance for the purpose of the story action. He took over 200 photographs to do this and then converted them to a video using special software. He posted it on youtube and so far about 60 people viewed his "masterpiece" entitled The Stolen Eggs. It takes just a moment to view and it is fun to watch. Quite amazing in fact.

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