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Thursday, December 22, 2011

DIY Coasters

I found this idea on Here is the exact pin that Lindsay Schmitz posted with how- to instructions; This was so easy and fun that it can be addictive. I wanted to keep creating and creating. You could create so many different styles simply by using tiles that are different colors and sizes and scrapbook paper that has different patterns. For this I used the original tiles suggested from HD and yes, they were only .16 cents each! I had just purchased a brand new package of awesome color/pattern scrap booking paper at Craft Bits and Pieces ( for 2.50 and now I got to try some of it out. Then when I was at ReHouse Architectural Salvage ( store getting some old glass jars for another project (posted prior to this one) I found these great smaller tiles in the FREE section. Hooray for me! I wanted to take a ton of them but only took a couple of stacks. Below you will see the difference in tile size and the smaller tiles had a different overall shape and background color.

You could also carry this concept further and get even smaller tiles, use the same method and then put quotes or other images on top of the scrapbook paper and create magnets. Hmmm...I see another experiment coming on...

You can use a spray finish or since I had liquid varnish laying around I just used that.

I had some small felt stickers that I hot glued on or you can easily use regular felt and make circles for edges or place felt on the entire bottom.

Original size tiles suggested.

Smaller tiles.

So you can see the size difference.

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  1. Very cute! I'm obsessed with DIY coasters. I made some last week for my blog and I'm giving away a set, so check them out and leave a comment for a chance to win!