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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Candle Light Party Decor

I went to a Christmas Party last weekend and our friends house was decorated with tons of old glass jars on along their porch, inside on the mantel, and going up their wooden stairs. It looked so picturesque that I decided I wanted to try something like this. I had a few glass jars around, found one that was most likely 40 years old or more in my basement with turpentine or something toxic in it that I washed out and then I headed to one of old house part stores in our city called; ReHouse Architectural Salvage- I found about 3 more unique old glass jars different shapes and sizes and a huge bonus was when I went to pay at the end it should have cost $5 but once the assistant found out what I was going to do with them he asked if I was looking for any more. Upon saying yes, he showed me a secret stash of glass jars but they were labeled as $10 each. I told him thank you but I wasn't looking to spend that much on this project and he gave them to me for 90% off or rather $1 each!

I got them home, cleaned them up and put them on my mantel and bookcase. Here's some pictures. One was enhanced to show the picture more. My plan is to leave them up after the holidays and once in a while when having a party or just when I feel like it lighting them up. My one error was that I didn't light my fire place for the picture. Darn! It would have looked even better!

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