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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Artistic Business Cards

I'm heading to the annual National Art Therapy Conference next week and realized I'm almost out of my work business cards. I don't want to stop in the office to pick up more and thought hmmm.... what better than creating some homemade business cards to bring with me to a creative arts venue.

The concept (birds) for the cards came from an artist I found online. (Don't worry I'm not selling my cards their just for fun). I used acrylic paper as my card stock and cut them to the size of regular business cards. Then I took some vintage music sheets and hand cut them to fit the card size. I used permanent markers to draw the images and edged each card with black ink. I put my info on the back of each card and of course decoupaged the front of the cards for staying power.

What do you think?


  1. I like those business card so cute and beautiful music language .

    Clear business cards

    plastic card

  2. Thank you! I found that people really took notice of my business cards instead of the usual plain ones that when you hand to someone they just tuck away. People seemed to stop and look and comment on these ones when I handed them out.