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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Paint & Pour

A friend my book club organized an art event at Paint & Pour ( this week.  Not only is this a place where you can do paint nite type of paintings with friends but even better is that they cut out giant shapes such as a pumpkin, anchor, elephant, etc... made out of wood and each person can choose want design they want.  You order a head of time and then the night of the event you can all hang out and paint your own piece. 

There ended up being about 20 of us at the event. We brought wine and food (which makes every event better).  I loved the look and feel of the studio space. It spelled great, was beautiful, played great music, and was overall just a wonderful atmosphere to hang out with your friends and paint in.

Of course if you have some OCD traits (like me) you bring your own brushes, mix your colors (instead of using the colors straight from the bottle) and you end up closing the place (being the last person there) because you really focus on the straight edges being perfect.  I created this huge owl for my door and I love it!

This inspired me to try and host a paint and pour night at my place.  I found a site on Etsy ( that creates giant wood cut outs so my tentative plan is to invite friends over, have them pick out their design ahead of time and I'll order them. Everyone can bring paints to share and wine/food and we'll have a paint and pour.  Now for the execution....

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