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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Art, Art and More Art (oh and some exercising in there somewhere)

I've continued to do a decent about of sketching over the past couple of weeks in both the sketchbook project I'm hosting for work and my travel sketchbook. I've continued to find value and peace in creating here and there during the day when I have a 5 minute break or late at night cuddled under a bunch of blankets trying to stay warm.

I also completed a piece of artwork for the Side by Side art show that I'm assisting in hosting through the OSD office that I'm internship at this semester.  The concept is to show support, empowerment or experience of living with a disability or knowing someone that does.  I found that when you use actual good quality watercolor paper and chalk watercolor paints that I actually kind of enjoy watercolor. I don't think I'm great at it by any means but I'm definately improving.

So this has been my bed for the past month...

...I think it adds new meaning to living with your art.

Other things I've been up to.
1. I finally read the book club book for Feb. the day after book club. :)  It was "After I do" and ended up being a quick interesting read about life after marriage.

2. I went to a Knighthawks professional lacrosse game with my friend last Saturday night. I forgot how much I enjoy watching lacrosse. Out of all professional games I find lacrosse the best to watch live.  And while some people purchase beer and fries at games I purchased an awesome cookie and a snow tiger balloon headband! 

3. Other than that I'm happy to report I've been going to yoga fairly regularly again. (Thanks Marcy for holding me accountable and making it fun!) And I actually ran 4 times this week! Maybe after a 6 week lull this will be a positive sign moving in to what I hope will be spring in the next month. Well, one can hope...

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