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Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Capital Wheel, Art Journaling, and Ugly Sweaters

The past couple of weeks have been insanely busy. It started out with heading to Baltimore for a professional development national conference that I was presenting at.  I began a bit ill with a stomach ailment but pushed through and am happy to report that my presentation was very well received. One national conference presentation more to go.

While in Baltimore following dinner one evening my co-worker and I were walking around the area where are hotel was (which was on the Potomac) and we can across the Capital Wheel.  I guess it's king of like the US version of the London Eye.  Even though it was late and freezing out, we were told it was heated and impulsively decided to take a ride on the wheel.  It was pretty cool, but slightly disappointing in that the view wasn't the best. I thought we'd see more of D.C. as it was a clear night but that didn't happen. Oh well, it was a fun little adventure.

Upon getting back from this whirlwind trip I headed back to work for a busy week and right into a busy weekend.  I had decided back in December that I was going to throw an Ugly Sweater, Wine Tasting, Art Giveaway party before things got to crazy with the new semester.  My main goal was to do something fun with the wonderful people in my life and get rid of some artwork and art supplies (to avoid becoming hoarder). My mom was a great help as she came up for the weekend, helped clean, decorate and make food for the party. Plus she made a great ugly sweater for the party (which I'm still finding remnants of a week later).

I think everyone had a great time. I know I did. There was a ton of food (and lots of cheesy dishes) and some pretty ugly sweaters.  I made a gift bag full of homemade art and soaps for the winner of the ugly sweater contest. In addition, they received a dinosaur with an air plant that I made.  Neighbor Bob came over to assist in judging the ugly sweater competition (and I think enjoyed being around all us younger ladies). :)

Neighbor Bob, my mom and I were judges.

My wonderful supportive crew!

The winner of the ugly sweater.

 I also was doing really well up until I got back to work and school in creating in my little art journal fairly frequently.  I hope I can pick it up again in the near future.  Below is some of what I created.

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