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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Monster Scramble

Oh boy, let me tell you about this race!  First of all- I survived! Second of all- this was the longest race/running I've ever done before!  So this was the MS Monster Scramble 10k at Mt. Hope Cemetery where my friends an I dressed up in costumes and ran through the cemetery.  My friends were a bit freaked out about running through the cemetery and getting bad karma. Me not so much.

It was a beautiful fall day, but slightly windy and a bit cold. I froze! I had a Raynaud attack as soon as I got out of the car and it lasted for about an hour until I hit mile 3 in the race. And I had on 2 pairs of gloves with one pair being running specific gloves.  There was some great costumes with my favorite being Sloth from The Goonies. I which I had a picture of the person.

Well, the race began with an incredibly steep and long hill in which many people walked. While I ran I did look back at my friend and sad "Holy ----". Apparently with my ipod on I didn't realize how loud I had said this and my friend was embarrassed by the looks we got.  The rest of the race continued with many many steep hills from beginning to end.  I did run the entire thing though one hill I felt like I could have walked faster up then I was running.  Since I don't where a watch running I had no idea what my time was and frankly after all of those hills I just wanted to make it to the finish line. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a time of 56min. for 6.2 miles!

This was the t-shirt we received for participating in the run.

This is Amanda and I making tutu's for our costumes.  I had glitter trekked all over my house after that project.

We also learned a valuable lesson when working with elastic. **Don't stretch it to how you want it. Wrap it around you and use that length because when you sew it will affect the ability of the elastic band to stretch. We both had to add on to ours because they were to small the first time around.

** Next up: My last race for the season: The Hot Chocolate 15k in Chicago in two weeks. I start training for that tomorrow. If there are any hills I'm sure to not survive that one! Stay tuned!

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