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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oil Pastel Self Portrait

I was having a difficult time finding inspiration for an art therapy project for my private practice work in a local group home with adolescents with disabilities. I remembered that my friend Joyce has an amazing Pinterest account and went surfing on it.  I found the above project on one of her art therapy boards and decided to use it. Most of the material I already had; oil pastels, fabric, white paper, buttons and colorful yarn. The only things missing were the black poster board, burlap and plastic large dull needles (all of which were found at Michaels Craft Store).  

I made this sample to show the group and asked them if it looked like me. They said yes. :)  I then told them that they were going to make their self portrait today. We did each step together and they did an amazing job on theirs. Most were even able to use fine motor skills and use the needle and thread and cut out their self portrait.  I hope to see them hanging the next time I'm there for a visit.

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