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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Decorative Cabinet Knobs

Originally when trying to decide what kind of knobs to put on my arts and craft center my research showed that knobs/cabinet pulls are pretty darn expensive (especially when I needed 9 of them). So the most inexpensive way to have new hardware was going to be to purchase wooden knobs (found in most hardware stores- in this case HD) for a dollar each and paint them however I desired. After purchasing the wooden knobs, I ended up using a resourceful method which aided me in being able to purchase the old fashioned clear glass knobs that I had really wanted for the arts and crafts center. Thus, leaving with with lots of wooden knobs.

I still wanted to paint the knobs just not for the arts and craft center. I decided to create two sets of 4 decorative wooden cabinet knobs. I primed the knobs first, then used acrylic paints to create the desired designs and finished each knob with 4 coats of semi gloss varnish. The set with the multiple rings of circles on it was fun and fairly easy just took time and patience. The other set I was originally going to paint a fun bird on each and put glitter on the birds but opted for a different design which I thought would be easier but was NOT! That set was somewhat frustrating but turned out well in the end.

Now what will I do with these knobs...hmm..... not quite sure. I started researching opening a shop on and trying to sell the knobs and the mixed media paintings along with whatever else I create in the future. Stay tuned to see what I decide...

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